The Narcissists Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to How to be So Self-Absorbed and In control That Youre Sure to Enjoy Every Minute of It!

If you’re anything like us, you spend a lot of time on your phone. You probably check your phone at least 10 times an hour. And we’re not just talking about checking social media or email. We mean actually checking your phone 5x an hour! In fact, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, nearly half of all adults—45 percent—report having checked their phone more than five times an hour in the past 30 days. That being said, it’s important to remember that checking our phones isn’t just mindless behavior; it can be helpful in terms of our mental health and productivity. After all, who wants to waste an entire day glued to their screen? Let’s take a look at how to break out of this screen-wasting habit and start living life with purpose (and less stress).

How to Avoid Narcissism.

Narcissism is a personality pathology that refers to an excessive focus on oneself. It can lead to feelings of entitlement, invidiousness, and superiority. To avoid becoming a narcissist, you must first understand what it takes to be one.

How to Survive a Narcissist

Narcissism requires two things: self-confidence and self-absorption. You must be comfortable with who you are and believe that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are the only ones that matter. In order to maintain this level of control over yourself, you will need to avoid being emotionally invested in other people or situations.

How to Defeat a Narcissist

In order to defeat a narcissist, you will first have to learn how they operate. Once you know how they think and feel, it’s easier than ever for you to set boundaries and stay true to yourself without fear of retribution. By following these tips, you can finally live in accordance with your own values and instincts instead of catering towards those of another person or institution.

How to Be a Narcissistic Person.

Narcissism is a personality Disorder that is characterized by grandiosity, self-absorption, and vanity. A Narcissistic person thrives on being in control and has little regard for others. They often have an inflated sense of themselves and believe they are infallible.

They may also be exploiters who use others for their own gain. In order to survive as a Narcissistic person, it is important to have a strong protective system in place that includes friends and family, as well as professional help if needed.

How to Survive a Narcissistic Person

In order to survive a narcissistic person, you must be willing to give up your feelings of safety and security in order to accommodate their needs. You must also be willing to put up with their manipulation and cruelty. If you do not stand up for yourself, you may find yourself at risk for being taken advantage of or discarded by the narcissist.

How to Defeat a Narcissistic Person

If you are able to defeat a narcissistic person, it will free you from their grip and allow you to live life fully without the need for protection or approval from them. This requires standing up for yourself when necessary, setting boundaries when necessary, and living through difficult times together in healthy partnership with someone who can understand your experience).

How to be a Narcissist.

Narcissism is a mental disorder that typically affects people in their late twenties and early forties. It’s a personality type that’s characterized by inflated self-esteem, grandiosity, and excessive vanity.

The basic principles of narcissism are to be selectively focus on oneself, have low anxiety around others, and devalue the feelings of others. To be a successful narcissist, you must follow these principles to a tee.

To become a Narcissist:

1) You must start by focusing on yourself exclusively. You need to be the one in control of your life and your thoughts. This way, you can feel like you’re the only person who matters and no one else will ever affect your life negatively.

2) You must have low anxiety around others because it allows you to operate with impunity. When you feel secure in your own skin, you are more likely to behave in ways that cause pain or disturbance to other people.

3) You must devalue the feelings of others because this helps you feel in control and special. People often find it hard to understand how someone who spends so much time thinking about themselves can barely hold down an ordinary job or interact with anyone effectively outside of their own circle of friends and family members.


Being a narcissist is a difficult and dangerous thing to live with. It can lead to social isolation, financial problems, and even physical health issues. However, there are ways to overcome the narcissist within oneself and live a fulfilling life without being a Narcissistic person. By following these basic principles, you can be successful in overcoming any problem that may come your way.